JVJH Automatic disinfection dispenser Automatisk spray dispenser with sensor Electric soap dispenser for kitchens and bathrooms Washroom / public place 100ml clear bottle HB174
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  • 1. Equipped with wall mount bracket, double-sided tape is attached on the back, which can be attached to the wall, easy to use
  • 2. Multi-function base, can be placed to wash mobile phones to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • 3. The combination of near-field infrared sensor technology and micro-foam pump can reach 0.25 seconds to produce bubbles quickly, without contact, more clean and hygienic
  • 4. Delicate and dense foam can better cover the surface of the skin and reach the fine pores to achieve deep cleaning
  • 5. Reasonably control the amount of foam produced without wasting hand washing
  • 6. Miniature high efficiency motor, low power consumption, quieter
  • 7. USB charging, high-quality lithium battery, long battery life

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