Skate Board - Medium - Multi Color
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  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Choosing a good skateboard can be quite a task and can backfire if not done in the right way. Some are good for beginners, while there are professional ones for doing the expert jumps. You need to consider the complete board with its deck and wheels before zeroing in on the right option. skateboard is a easy to handle board that's completely comfortable even for beginners. This punk looking skate board sports a well made deck that's lightweight and smooth.
  • Artistic Graphics on the Board
  • High-quality ball-bearings have been used for the wheels to ensure a smooth ride. It's unique and simple skate deck design gives you a good feel under your feet. Being a traditional street board, it is versatile and apt for practice sessions and hobby gamer. Overall, its wood construction, shape, optimal size and design make it one of the best skate boards around.

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