Referral System

Dear Valued Customer

From now Noorzahan Kamal Web Technology (NKWT) will be delighted to give / pay you 10% of total order if any one make / place order by your referral. 

Suppose if any one heard about us from you then she / he placed order $100 and directly we will pay you 10% of total order ($10, Ten Dollars only) for your referral services.

Please tell your friends give us details how did he / she hear about us. NKWT will send your cheque for referral earning / services with in due time and without hesitation. 

By doing the referral systems you and your family can earn / make some extra cash / money. Please do not miss these exciting opportunities and hope to avail them.

For more information, please call us at +1-203-956-7501 (Res.), +1-203-536-5855 , +1-203-253-8235 , +1-203-536-8846 (Cell), Toll Free: +1-800-866-7710 or
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